Brooklyn Adventures



Brooklyn boosts of a total area of 71 square miles (180 km2) with a population 2,648,771 (2017). It ceased to be an independent village at the end of the 19th century and became a borough of New York City on January 1, 1898.

It remains the most densely populated area of New York City’s five boroughs with a population density of 37,137 persons per square mile.


“Brooklyn’s good. Brooklyn’s funky. Brooklyn’s happening.”

Waris Dirie


Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York City

(1-Manhattan, 2-Brooklyn, 3-Queens, 4-the Bronx and 5-Staten Island)


The first decades of Brooklyn’s 21st century, has been an avant-garde destination for artists, hipsters and international tech firms. It’s had an experience of renaissance, gentrification, decreasing affordable houses coupled with dramatic house price increases.

While in the last decade it has undergone radical and extensive changes that attract start-ups. The allure of lower rent with vast office spaces has robbed Manhattan of being New York City’s sole tech hub, as it evolves into a thriving hub of tech and fashion start-ups.

An interesting place to visit, as part of anybodies bucket list, could easily include Brooklyn New York. This post, therefore, aims to explore what’s good, what’s funky and find out what is happening in Brooklyn. There are, amazingly, lots of places to see and visit as an Urban or City Adventurer.



Places to Visit in Brooklyn New York City


The best Brooklyn attractions rank among New York’s most essential destinations. There are plenty of wonderful places to visit and equally plenty of things to do in Brooklyn from taking a stroll in the Greenwood cemetery to grabbing a burger at Smorgasburg. Make sure to add the following stops to your itinerary


Brooklyn Bridge


Not many landmarks are as iconic as the memorable Brooklyn Bridge. Walking over the bridge from Manhattan, and entering Brooklyn, is a rite of passage for any visitor to the city. This stretch of revitalized industrialized water front-running Manhattan Bridge to the Brooklyn Bridge appeals to children and grownups alike. It is ideal for activities like sand volleyball, picnicking, kayaking, full court basketball, swimming in the pop-up pool that comes complete with sandy beach, locker rooms, tiki bar and grill.




Brooklyn Heights Promenade


In order to mollify the residents of Brooklyn Heights, city planner Robert Moses built this park to muffle the street noise when it opened in 1950. You might forget that traffic is moving beneath you while strolling the Esplanade today. If taking a stroll is your kind of thing then the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is the ideal place for a pleasant stroll along the water, and if you want to capture the perfect picture of the skyline in Manhattan complete with the statue of liberty, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is not to be missed.


Brooklyn Botanic Gardens


Stop and smell the flowers at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. There is no better way to experience the beauty of nature than stopping by Brooklyn’s botanical gardens- beautiful, immense and unique with a variety of plants and exhibits. It is popularly known for its annual cherry blossom festival but exhibitions and events are hosted year round. You will be amazed by each corner’s new delights offered by the Brooklyn Gardens.


Green-Wood Cemetery


This 478- acre cemetery is the resting place for the most famous figures in the history of Brooklyn like Jean Mitchel-Basquiat, Leonard Bernstein, Horace Greeley and William Tweed. Found in 1838 this national history landmark sits between Prospect and Sunset parks.  It consists of magnificent crypts and mausoleums. If you desire to enjoy a peaceful break away from the hectic pace of Brooklyn, take a walk into the Green-Wood Cemetery or hop into a trolley and let your inner peace be revived in the quietness of the souls resting in peace at the Green-Wood Cemetery.


Brooklyn Museum


It is the second largest museum in Brooklyn after the Metropolitan Museum of Art which is the reason to visit; besides, it houses impressive collections of ancient Egyptian art as well as great works of John Singer Sargent, George O’Keeffe. As if that is not enough, Brooklyn Museum made history as the first museum to exhibit African artwork. In addition to the4,000 pieces in the Egyptian holdings, you can scope items by masters such as Cezanne’, Monet and Degas plus an entire section dedicated to feminist art.


Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass (DUMBO)


Get arty at the DUMBO art galleries. The galleries are always overflowing with talent. Visit the United Photo Industries which presents public installations and has a permanent exhibition space featuring a range of photography. And that is not all, check out the mixed media street art and sculpture on display at Master’s Projects. Apart from galleries, DUMBO is also the home to many studios which host open studio viewings each year.




It is the epicentre of hip culture in Brooklyn. Served by different subway stations it is easily accessible. Known for indie music and late-night restaurants, interesting, quirky and highly specialized bars all for you especially if you are a “bar hopper” is a youthful place for both the young in age and young at heart. You will have fun exploring the food, boutiques and vibe in Williamsburg. It is simply not a place to miss.


The Smorgasburg


It is a gigantic food market launched in 2011 consisting of food carts, grocers, food sellers and other delicious treats. It was launched in response to the demand for more food vendors at the Flea Market.  The creators of the smorgasbord are the founders of the popular Brooklyn Flea a weekly flea market with a wide selection of items ranging from housewares to vinyl. The Smorgasburg is open year round. During winter it is housed with the Brooklyn Flea at 1 Hanson palace in Downtown Brooklyn.


Coney Island Cyclone


Coney Island may no longer be the most popular NYC beach destination but it still has plenty of character. For cheap thrills take a ride on the famed cyclone and for an even cheaper experience grab Nathan’s hot dog and walk the streets of the kiosk studded Brooklyn waterfront. You will want to take the boardwalk, see the house of mirrors and of course see the bearded lady.


Brooklyn Navy Yard


For 165 years, the Brooklyn Navy Yard was a leading naval shipyard building America’s most famous war naval ships like the USS Missouri, USS Maine and USS Arizona. The yard is owned by the city and is an industrial park and a centre of manufacturing technology and craft. It houses about 300 industrial and creative businesses and is a major employment source for New Yorkers. The visit to the park offers you an opportunity to walk through the history of the park since its establishment in 1801 through the political eras including the World War 2, and the civil war. A bus will take you round this massive park, but you will need to get off the bus sometimes so that you can get close to this amazing part of the country’s history.


Other Points of Interest: Prospect Park, Staten Island Ferry, Brooklyn Brewery, New York Aquarium, Brooklyn Flea, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Brooklyn Historical Society and Brooklyn Children’s Museum.




Brooklyn, NY, is Manhattan’s neighbour but a notable borough in its own right. If it were its own city it would be the third-most populous city in the country. If your looking for new experiences plan your visit to Brooklyn. It has plenty to do and see. It offers activities for every type of traveller.